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Our system has been scientifically tested and proven

Tested at scientific institutions in Germany and proven to remove more than 99.9% of bacteria, hormones, medical residues, pesticides, antibiotics and more than 90% of heavy metals from your drinking water.

Type Contaminants % Testing Centre
BacteriaEscherichia Coli; Enterecoccue Faecalis>99.9GFT University of Bielefeld
ChemicalsChlorine; Chloroform (CKW); Lindane; DDT; Athrazine>99.9TTI Magdeburg GmbH (Technology Transfer and Innovation) & HS Magdeburg
Medical ResiduesClofibribic Acid; Carbamezi-pine; Diclofenac; Ibuprofen; Ketoprofene; Propiphenazone>99.9Technical University of Berlin
Polar PesticidesBentazone; 2.4 D; MCPA; Dichlorprop; Mecoprop; (MCCP); p.p'-DDA>99.9Technical University of Berlin
Heavy MetalsLead and Copper>90%TÜV Environment

We use the world’s leading brand of water filter cartridge, Alvito

Alvito is the leading brand of water filter cartridge due to its exceptionally high quality and greatest density of any activated carbon in a water filter cartridge which enables it to eliminate astounding levels of drinking water contaminants. It works on the basis of the following effects:

  • A mechanical, strainer-like action: nothing larger than the pores and filter channels can get through the filter’s activated charcoal core, including bacteria, single cell parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Coccidian that come from livestock and faeces, small intestine parasites such as Nematodes and Giardia, and suspended particles including sand, rust particles, asbestos fibres and more.
  • A catalytic effect: the activated carbon core converts chlorine and chlorine compounds such as FCKWs into tasteless, odourless and less reactivate substances that are perfectly safe for drinking water.
  • Absorption: the activated carbon core absorbs inorganic poisons such as heavy metals and organic impurities such as pesticides that are smaller than the filter’s pores. As a result, it removes more than 90.0% of lead, copper, mercury, cadmium and many other heavy metals, alongside 99.9% of bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and hormone residues such as oestrogens and medicine residues and those substances such as Hydrogen Sulphide that cause the water to taste and smell foul.

Alvito filter casings are made of PP (Polypropylene) and not of SAN (Styrene acrylonitrile resin).  The filter casing is not transparent, restricting light and inhibiting the growth of algae which can contaminate the drinking water. In scientific tests, Alvito filters achieved the highest impact resistance.  

Finally, most other filter cartridges on the market are not sintered, but extruded, resulting in a matrix of up to 50% binding agent, using granulates from various sources. They are less effective for filtration and absorbance capacity. Comparatively, Alvito filter cartridges feature a very fine filter membrane with porosity of 0.45μ and 0.15μ respectively that removes contaminants while leaving the vital minerals we need for good health intact. 

bar chart

Composition of different manufactured activated carbon blocks

Top bar: Commonly sold Extruded charcoal block ca. 50% activated charcoal, ca.50% binding agent.
Middle bar: High grade sintered charcoal block ca. 70 % activated charcoal, ca.30% binding agent.
Below bar: Alvito sintered charcoal block ca. 90 % activated charcoal, less than 10% binding agent.

We provide tailored advice about the type of water system you need

Depending on where you live and the quality of your water supply, your drinking water may need to be treated differently. For example, some water supplies may be highly contaminated and need a more rigorous solution to ensure the drinking water is clean and healthy. We can help design a specific solution to suit your drinking water needs, please call us to chat. 


You can purchase the system individually or as a complete set

Our water filters, lime scale removers, water revitalisers and EM products are designed to be used together or separately. You choose what you need for the highest quality drinking water experience. 


We provide assistance with installation

Our worktop water filter is incredibly quick and easy to install, but to give you extra reassurance, we’ve created a video to guide you on the installation process. Watch the video here.  

If you choose an under-sink water filter solution, we can arrange a plumber from our specially trained team to install your filter at your home or workplace. The process is very straightforward and takes no more than one hour. You can also use your own preferred plumber or, if you have a technical background, can install the system yourself. 


We can provide a cartridge change system

Households and businesses between Galway and Limerick can take advantage of our handy cartridge change system. A member of our friendly team can visit your home or business and take care of your cartridge replacement quickly and easily. Please call us to find out more. 


Our team is always here to support you, before and after you buy

Our expert team is always available to answer your questions about your new system and guide you when it comes time to replace your cartridges and other accessories. This is part of our commitment to our product range and most importantly, your drinking water experience and health! 


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