Bio Enhancement

EM enhanced water for life

Salutec uses “Effective Micro Organisms” (EMs) baked in ripened clay (EM Ceramics) to enhance the taste, quality and cleaning effectiveness of your drinking water.

Japanese agricultural scientist and university Professor Dr. Teruo Higa coined the term Effective Micro Organism to describe those micro-organisms in nature such as lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria and fungi that can be harnessed to improve a variety of industrial, environmental and household processes. The special beauty of EMs is that they are absolutely harmless, being neither pathogenic, chemically-synthesised, genetically engineered or modified (GMO). They are also not drugs or fertilisers.

Today EMs are used in bakeries, breweries, dairies, vegetable processing industries (Sauerkraut) and other food manufacturing and beverage industries, and also applied to processes in agriculture, animal husbandry, water treatment and biodiversity. EMs exist freely in nature and when they come into contact with organic material, work in harmony to produce an abundance of vitamins, organic acids, mineral chelate compounds and antioxidants, creating create powerful regenerative effects.

How do EMs work in drinking water?

EMs provide a positive influence on water, soil fertility, and the growth and quality of plants and crops, while also being beneficial in human and animal health. EMs-Ceramics can be used in drinking water, swimming pools and ponds as well as throughout the house to create the following results:

  • improved taste
  • improved water quality
  • enhanced water recycling
  • activated and energised water
  • increased cleaning power
  • reduced water clusters
  • reduced surface tension
  • reduced the redox potential and
  • oxidisation control

Try it for yourself!

Taste the difference in your drinking with the positive effect of EM ceramics. Simply let your drinking water rest in an EM Ceramic Jug (or use another EM ceramic product) for just 15 minutes and then taste the water. Then compare with the same water that didn’t have contact with the EM ceramic.

Blue Salutec

EM Ceramic Jugs

Beautiful hand-crafted ceramic jugs made of EM clay. Simply fill with water, let rest for 15 minutes and taste the difference!

Blue Salutec

EM Ceramic Pearls

Ceramic pearls made of EM clay are ideal for placement in jugs and mugs.

Blue Salutec

EM Ceramic Rings

EM Ceramic rings are available in various sizes and can be placed in larger tanks.

Blue Salutec

EM Ceramic Rod

Made from EM clay, these rods are available in different sizes for tanks up to 1000 litres and tanks up to 15,000 litres. They activate the water in the tanks (attic tanks, cisterns and other water reservoirs) or optimise the decomposition of waste water and contents of septic tanks.