Our philosophy 

We believe water is something living and that is should be respected. Rather than simply being the chemical equation H2O, it is part of a living organism that should be energised, rich in minerals and contaminant free. In its natural state, water brings us optimum health and vitality. It is our mission at Salutec to help you enjoy these benefits from the water tap in your home or commercial premises.

Fritz Mohn, Founder, Salutec

I established Salutec, Formely Water Wise, in 2008, at the same time I arrived in Ireland from my native Germany. As a former food processing engineer who had worked in many countries, I have deep insight into food and beverage technologies, microbial technologies and the indisputable value of pure drinking water. I am wholly committed to delivering the highest quality products that care for your health and well-being and through Salutec, our German engineered range of water treatment products will help you achieve this with contaminant free, revitalised and energised drinking water – for life.

Susanne Wunsch

I first came to Ireland in 2014 from Germany and made South Galway my permanent home in 2017.  I have always had an interest in health and wellness and with a background in education and sales, I particularly enjoy supporting people to learn how to enjoy healthier lives. Whether you run a business or want a drinking water solution for your home, I am passionate about helping people to find the water treatment solution that suits your individual needs.

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