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Complete Set Undersink Water Filter (WW-30)



  • 1 AQUA NEVO BASIC 2 under sink filter (built-in
  •  1 ABF PRIMUS SD blue, Universal standard
    filter Activated carbon block filter, mesh 0.45 µ


299.00 (incl VAT)

Complete set Undersink Water Filter (WW-30)

1 Undersink water filter AQUA NEVO Basic 2 under sink filter (built-in filter)

1 Cartridge ABF PRIMUS SD blue, Universal standard filter activated carbon block filter, mesh 0.45 µ

Under-sink filters and their hoses and all fittings are installed invisible under the sink or at a hidden place nearby the water the sink.

Our new designed water hoses and fittings break new grounds and raise our already existing high quality standard. As usual they are made of a high alloyed stainless steel. In addition the inlet hose is a new. It is specially reinforced and lined with a new material which makes it extremely flexible. There is also a new design of outlet hose for the filtered water. It is lined with components specially designed for the food and beverage industry by the well-known British company John Guest.

The entire water to be used will be filtered. No further installations of taps required. A filter cartridge with a high capacity might be useful ABF Duplex SD Red. The filter will be connected with the cold water directly. A T-piece is also not required and no additional bore hole necessary. We recommend this solution at places where filtered water is desired throughout. A low pressure hot water tank or a pressure less flow heater requires the installation of the filter before the hot water tank or the flow heater.